Fiber Art by Toti

Hello, my name is Rosmery and I love making innovative and creative products that share art and joy to live. I make macramΓ© weaving of 100% cotton. I make large wall hangings and beautiful plant hangings. In addition to this, I also work in digital designs and printmaking; I like to make original, inspirational, cute and trendy designs. I make all this process in my home in Minnesota. All the work is made by myself.Creative products are my passion and I hope you enjoy something that you like from Toti!

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Each of the products are uniquely designed by Toti. I like to make inspirational and beautiful designs. You won't be able to find these designs anywhere else.

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I make the prints and transfer the designs to tumblers, fabrics, bags, etc.

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Handmade Gifts by Toti

I make creative handmade products from recycled cotton. Each product is made with love and care.

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I'm so happy and blessed to have reached different cities in Minnesota.

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I'm so happy and blessed to participate in different markets in the city of Clear Lake, IA.

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Thank you so much!

Thank you to all my customers, I'm increasingly
committed to providing you with unique and cute products. Everything I produce is made with love and always thinking about you. I feel prepared to begin new challenges and continue growing.

In 2024 we added value by adding to our list of personalized products for special events. Rest assured, we will put all our creativity, quality, commitment and love into action throughout the production process.

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  • Hello, my name is Rosmery Jara Sandberg. My family calls me T O T I, for that reason I have created a brand with my nickname. Each product that you see in my store is designed by me and made with my own hands. I consider myself a creative, entrepreneurial person and I like to take on challenges.

    Two years ago I moved to Minnesota from Peru and since then I decided to start my project. My goal is to provide you with beautiful products that make your life happier. In June 2023, I decided to launch my macramΓ© collection for the first time and at the beginning of 2024 I decided to launch more products that complement my business idea.

    Here are a few fun facts about me!

    β™‘ I graduated from university in 2013 as an international business administrator and in 2017 I completed my business program.

    β™‘ I love designing my products.

    β™‘ I love Minnesota.

    β™‘ I like to sing.

    β™‘ I like to travel with my husband and explore cultures.

    β™‘ I believe in God and His love.